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Join Kelly

Von Schleis,
Elite Health & Fitness Coach

As Featured in 

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For busy on-the-go professionals,

ready for the transformation of a lifetime.

Get a Strong, Toned And Sexy Body - WITHOUT Starting Over Again

Get Bikini Ready / Happiness Transformation

In this complete mind & body program, I unlock the secrets to looking & feeling BETTER in your 30's than your 20's.  

Feel great inside and out!

Join The LUXEFit Elite Body Transformation Challenge Today!


At-Home Workouts w/ minimal equipment for you to pick from

  • HIIT

  • Pilates

  • ​Strength Training

  • ​ Abs/Buns/Guns

  • Core Crusher

  • Kickboxing

  • Tabata

  • Yoga

  • Flexibility 

Plus, guides for at-home equipment purchasing with discounts


  • ​Weekly Healthy Recipe Options

  • Nutritional Tips

  • Healthy snack guides

  • Meal Prepping Guidance

  • Discounts on Home Delivery from Meal Prepping

Stress-Reduction/Energy Management

  • ​Tips for Reducing Stress 

  • Meditation Guidance 

  • ​Guidance on finding joy every day

Younger, Healthier Skin

  • ​At-Home Skin Care Routine Tips

  • Discounts on SkinCare

Fitness Fashion

  • ​Carbon38

  • Discounts on SkinCare

Expert Health Panelists

 Jill Payne

Stress, Anxiety, & Energy Management, & Mindfulness Coaching


Life coaching for ultimate success

& happiness

Dr. Mary Wansley 

Stop Stress Eating - Establishing healthy relationships with food and your body

Lenise Soren

How to use Crystals and

Sound Bath for Healing

Kari Jaffe

Yoga workshop for stress reduction, mental health, strength, & flexibility

What To Expect:

REQUIREMENTS: Self-Care, Determination, & Minimal Equipment

  • Feel Strong, Toned And Sexy - WITHOUT Spending Hours At The Gym

  • Coaching to get you feeling incredible from the moment you wake up even when your to-do list is 1000 items

  • ​Elite Fitness Coaching and Customized Workouts to do anywhere, with minimal equipment to get your body lean and 

  • ​Skin Care Regimen Guidance to bring Youthfulness back to the body and face 

  • ​Guidance on Self-Care/Spa/Organic Healthy Living as part of the program (at any location preference). You must treat yourself 

  • ​Fit On-the-go - always prepared 

  • ​Guidance on Intermittent Fasting, the Benefits, and how to feel your best 

  • Guest appearances from motivational speakers, energy management experts, meditation guides, Unhealthy food relationship

  • ​Motivational and Inspirational Videos to guide you 

  • ​Goal Setting and Weekly Check-ins keep you accountable to stay on track and reach your goals 

  • ​Establish Morning and Evening Routine you can stick to

  • ​Information on loving the body you are in today, overcome self-criticism, body dismorphyia, unhealthy relationships with food, unhealthy/inconsistent eating patterns


Meet Kelly Von Schleis 

World-Class / Elite Health & Fitness Coach

Hey there - I'm Kelly Von Schleis!   


I'm a certified personal trainer, wold-class athlete, fitness model, and published health coach with over 15 years of experience. I am offering a limited number of spots for people to join my Elite LUXEFit Body Transformation Program. 


I've trained celebrities, models, and understand the struggles of staying fit with the external pressures in your life. I've gone through my own transformation too! I work full-time as a Healthcare IT Consultant and understand the difficulty in maintaining peak physical condition with positive energy with a busy business and personal lifestyle. 


To find out more, click the button below. Just enter your email to secure your spot on the program and get regular updates on the best ways you can start to transform and care for your body and mind - without starting over again and again

Join The LUXEFit Elite Body Transformation Challenge Today!

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