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About Kelly

The Fit Coder

Make your body
        your happy home.


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Pilates Instructor

  • Boxing, HIIT, & Strength Training Instructor

  • Gymnastics & Flexibility Coach 

I’m The Fit Coder. I’m a fitness and lifestyle consultant and I’m thrilled to be living my purest passion -inspiring others to look and feel their ultimate best. I’m based in Los Angeles and carry strong Midwestern values being born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. I spend a great deal of time behind a computer customizing code and can do a backflip in heels! I’ve been an athletic competitor most of my life and health and fitness has continued to be at the forefront of my existence. 


For over a decade, I’ve pursued a career traveling as an IT Healthcare Consultant for hospitals - customizing software that helps save millions of additional lives per year. After doing a deep self-discovery following a very difficult and stressful period in my life, I felt a strong calling to uncover what it truly feels like to finally look and feel my ultimate best – mind, body, and soul. In the past I’d been self-critical, while simultaneously working aggressively at my goals. This would leave me feeling frustrated and fixated on that ‘dream body’ I had at one point long before, and I didn’t feel great day to day. I’ve now unlocked the code to achieving a strong, fit, and healthy body and mind that now brings me joy every day. 


The unique reward my clients accomplish, is that they for the first time in their life, they ‘stop starting over-yet again’. I thrive on getting my clients rapid results they can feel and see instantaneously, that are sustainable. The bonus is that they get better results than they would have ever dreamed of with my coaching programs. I get right down to the core of why you aren’t reaching your goals and I get you in the best shape of your life. 


I specialize in 1:1 Elite coaching coach clients to make a complete lifestyle change that incorporates energy management, personalized fitness programming, and a customized nutrition plan to fit their unique needs and am there with them every step of the way. 


My true purpose in life is to help others master their own self-discovery and coach them through lifestyle change to cultivate a beautiful mindset and achieve a lasting fit and healthy style of living. If you’re meant for my program, and ready to make that change you were always dreaming of, the time is now. I look forward to seeing and feeling your warm daily glow become a passionate sunrise. It’s your decade to get unstoppable self-confidence! 

Balance internal
     and external energy.
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