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6 Week Elite 

Transformation Challenge

6 Week Elite Transformation Challenge


Are you ready to see and feel a huge change with your body, but just need that extra support and structure? Do you keep picturing how you want to look and feel, but just can’t seem to get quite there? Are you already comfortable working out, but not getting the results you want? If so, this program is for you. 


This is an app-based health and fitness program that includes individualized support from me. This challenge is for anyone ready to get serious about achieving their goals to cut fat and get lean and toned. I’m offering you a program that is guaranteed to succeed, if you do the work. 


My complete body transformation program includes speaking videos of me stepping you through each week of the program and I outline what’s included during each phase. I provide a heavy emphasis on strength training and HIIT-based workouts which will have options for home-based or gym-based workouts. I provide guidance on kicking your bad habits and embracing healthy, lasting lifestyle change. You’ll also receive assistance with goal setting, diet and calorie guidance, home-based or gym-based workouts. Each week has a different focus and objective to help you reach optimal results. I coach you to stay on track and motivated, so you stick to the program. 


Get ready to get to your final phase of fitness with your A-List Body in 6 weeks! 


6 Week Package includes:

  • 6 Weeks of killer workouts to get you shredded  

  • Diet and exercise guidance to lean you out and get you feeling your best

  • Goal setting strategy assessment and accountability tracking

  • Stress reduction coaching 

  • Negative habit identification and lifestyle change coaching

  • Energy management and visualization coaching to get you feeling great in a flash

  • A top-secret guide to my A-List fat burning secrets

  • Grocery shopping list for tasty, low carb, healthy nutritious eating (complex carbs only)

  • Two 30-minute calls with me (intro and during program)

  • Direct access to email me with questions throughout the program

  • Guaranteed satisfaction within the first week or your money back

  • Winner of the challenge wins $400.00 (before/after pictures required)


Feel instantly more confident, positive, and motivated by week 1


  • Body goals you can see by week 2

  • Increased energy, reduced stress, and improved sleep

  • Weight loss and full-body toning

  • Increased strength and training coordination

  • Kick your bad habits and bring in the lifestyle of the decade you’ve been dreaming of

  • Insane results by week 6 that you will keep

Download the Final Phase Fitness App  from the App store today
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